a happy song in dire circumstance

t here’s sumthing betr                 

evrythng br ks  u kno &  u kno ukno           

but yu forage & th frost comes again

i realize more of my b  dy this time

i alwys knew i had it    bt i couldnt

seem  t put   it undr th spell it  cast

onth rst    so it kept          br     kng

i have been rotting since before the millennium but the asteroid struck

                     & m coming together now

                     &                                                                     m scared of the internet

my 2 yr old                   signed a contract          

one of th frst t2      dance among th stars

th   stars           embedded in  er   corte x                                

there is a theme park where your favorite dead celebrity is preparing for your wedding

the urchin

the urchin moves like an eyeball sensing its spine     telling you where to move by feeling

the mvmnt                                                                   the hive mind is not hard to come by     

the hive mind affects more the later into cpitlsm u ventur       

at some point it refreshes itself because the refrsh is often times necessary    

                                                                                             as we have learned t me and time again


      the choice between pollinator and pollinated is indistinguishable

  1. the fidget spinner is a gateway to the collective consciousness
  2. pokémon go is the initiation
  3. the 8foldpath is the way out
  4. A ying yang sticker on your 6th grade notebook
  5. lisa frank had some idea
  6. a scene of someone stealing a cab in the rain

endurance is Key

the men of this wrld will have you believe they contain guilt         what we have been shown but tend to forget is that this guilt is a carefully constructd mechanism    a microprocessor emitting nightshade that appeals to a general audience               a way to flip it on its side and show yu yr reflectun as a lesser of two evils         now there are orchids blooming thru the cracks onc a yr & we are left to sit alone in front of our tv that is turned off and wndr             i have alwys cringed at the violence  the incst  the objcts floatng in and out of my periphery    searching regardless fr the stuff  i believed i would find aftr all

                                                                                                                    but all i did was endure

i watchd the men around me emit terrifyng noises at a crsh on the screen and fell into myself wunderng why i could not produce such a         pwrfl noise                                                                       what would become of me if i failed

falling into a figure8 and drifting away on cnyn rvr rpds     

round and round agn                   i am called many things

by many ppul                         i learned to paint my face to

cntrl the noise               then calculated the time spnt and

fell into a sorrw of a half century            rising as a ghost

an anonymous author whose preservation I fought for as

a senile librarian in 1931

we spend so much reflctng on time spent undr the thumb

we forgt we forged lives after the sky broke                and

we allowd the light to come rushing in                 forming

frctals at every surface                      repeating the process

allowing awe to be the only f  ling                                                                  

i transfrmd myself into a pastel object causing polarized emotions for specific purpos                   

not every life is the one   i tell myself   

sitting on a bench in central park

things here exist regardless of time   

i have submitted to the city

i will be here after the fall and before the gr8 war

sometimes i remember to be somewhere when i am supposed to be  of course it doesn’t always work out  and then i wonder more

a gift for the end times

gave me porcelain hands lyk remembr me i am here when he is there & yr thots r here but oh well     a pattrn repeats itself

it is years later and raining outside    home used to be a place where i   felt unashamed                                      so sat in the middle but i guess at sum pnt the things unsaid became 2 unbearable   or built up just enugh & so he rushed off into the ways most of us get by and i fell into it quite deeply

i deleted so much writing in an effort of self preservation but i think it would save me now

it ws almost alwys the deceit that ended up getting to me            

can t imagine it is easy for u to ignore the frwrks of othrs

but we re all so versed in playing pretend         

i tried to tell you over & ovr

i guess the hurt is what we re all trying to avoid

the hurt–s the good part thoh didn t you kno ?

it’s the complacency that throws the

final crush

never a drag out

always still a slow burn that lingers in the bckgrnd

the Magic 1.

drugs make me feel like men s goofiness is a set up  molly as a con job    magic as a precursor

2 sx and only sex though i know it is l ve & i should just give up right   now             u got me goofiness is 1 of the few things i actually enjoy      if u kno u knw and i can’t write that enugh   am i allowed to write that ? let me kno          your prompt correspondence is much appreciatd

all the best,                          your guidance      has been paramount in the creation of my being

sincerely Yours.

Yours, Sincerely.

oh, it’s nothing

stors chng so fst round here the bag says it s smthng that it’s not  a littl sprl every tme

u remember the last thng   some ppul  use fewr bgs     bring ther own bgs smtms .10sens is addd 4 each bg prvidd   smtms u hav a lttl ball of goo in ur pckt & wen u press a bttn it trnsfrms n2 a bg with hndls that prfctly accmmod8 yr shouldr whil crryng whtvr sze abject it is that u hv


at frst thy wrried th goo would dissolv ovr t me    be cum 1 with our cells    but it ws discverd by some reputabl institut that we cntain so mch of the plstic alredy    it trns out it is healng 2 absorb smthng u hav used for a perid of apprximtly 3 mnths r lngr


a friend recommended a show today                     a breeding ground for something they found in themselves & recognize blossoming need for in a version of me     the way it may make you more whole in the same way in interfering wys      i have an app for my breathcount an app to expand the confines of being of bodyhood   of american football suburbs          the word smells written in different ways here and there there                         scared of the memories of others              memries mostly worlds of my own creation                            no grounding in words or events   just the way your eyes grazed mine.    sorry to say                           the groundwork appearing disappearing reappearing always with a different motivating force left for me to    deconstruct and reconstruct                                                                                a licking of the lips i suppose

the sky is  a funny   shade     of orange blue

& i m  thinking     of     migration   as usual

Logos i    hav seen      time and   t me again

faded    versions   or    on fresh plastc glass

so    few    structurs     facilitate   wellbeing                                                            

so i        made   m own             a trepidation

for some        a heavenly          lull for othrs   

heds in laps                         a petting of hair                                

artificial   baseball   fields i think i liked onc

the     girls    team      was     bussed    away                             

a slo        shiftng       that       stops       wen

yu     forget.                     it s         happning

nobody asked for this but i m doing it anyways

to embrace a character of choice is quite an achievement


last nite i watchd a star show in th                                           slivr between the shade nd th wall   

i controlled the stars                                                                 but not th clouds                                                                                                 

there is a constant airplane buzz that gets loudr                     at the utterance of certain phrases           

* * *

i imagined you into acceptance of myslf                                   here we go again reckless abandn

on a champagne supernova in the sky                                      l ve you in the future vrsn futur

vision is 2020


sing to me she says                                                                    a hum and a dive off stage like

               it used to be nothing


m life s pictures m body s meat

i act accordngly but do not wnt t2

it s never really over

i take what people give me

i write it down and save it fr ltr

entir lifetims could be spent mining this lifetim

i could focus on any 1 thng nd that would b enugh

befor the storm cam th renaissance & it is analog just like us

                                                          play it back for me                       the eruption never gets old

i keep buying 2ndhnd candls

1 s a purpl flwr th leaves mlts inwrd                                    we’ve been doing this all along

loopdeloop s

the card said


and i laughed

he says no dont give him that rock

& again

space is small                        & recurring

wer          meant to circle in on each othr

rising while     sinkng &nd th time is rite

uncomfortabl   @ the prty     he lafd a bt

         dscrbng th folk bar        

                                             bc we all tak wat we wnt

anyewys                      jus  take it all &nd

tak it all till th   bits make th cornrs curl

winter creation like       slow gray leaves

&  i m                 listnng to othr ppl agin     

figurng out how mush            is my own

how often to drop the vowel   lick the tip              

swrl t round      &nd hng on t th dispensr

lean on th levr                                  rub it

                                             in2 my chest                  aft r th sprl   stps

all i need is nothing

faster still getting still move

the dial slower faster left of

the dial once in a lifetime